Yearlong Tutoring

- Critical Writing

  (Essays, Grammar, Vocabulary)

- Critical Reading

  (Classic Book Literary Analysis)

- SAT I, ACT Prep
- All AP Subjects
- Spring Board Math, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Cal
  Calculus AB/BC
- Help with personal statement for college application
During School year

Knows Curriculum

Professional Teaching Staff

Online Academy

Founded 1994

- Courses we are offering -

Meet once a week
Length: one hour
Small group, or 1:1
Schedule: by appointment

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                ‚Äčemail to Text: 9255770623

Yearlong Tutoring

Since 1994, we have served hundreds of Bay Area students from elementary to high school for their educational goals.

‚ÄčInformation you want to know

Jr. High, High School

Over 20 years, CA school curriculums have changed a great deal. We follow the Commoncore standard, and we customize our lessons to meet to the standard.

We make your education dreams a reality

Meet once a week
Length: one hour
Small group, or 1:1
Schedule: by appointment

Our tutors are professional educators. They are experienced and credentialed.

We customize our lessons for each student's learning.


Do we have classes during spring break and summer break?

Tutors: Kevin, Fitzpatrick (CA credentialed High School single subject English teacher)

 Philip Fay (Berkeley, teach all Math, Science) Annie Lee (Berkeley, teach all Math) 
 Sahil Naik (UCSB, teach all Math, Coding)

Admin/Customer Support: Mrs. Bhang

Enroll:, text: 9255770623

Enroll month by month, or by quarter

Yes, we do have classes when schools are closed, but not during holidays.

When to enroll for the spring break program?

- Before Spring Break

When to enroll for the summer program?

- Before summer break starts

   First Come First Serve, Seats are limited!

Homework Club

- Monday to Thursday

- 3:30, or 4:30

- Length: one to two hour/day

- Small group

Debate Club

Only Friday afternoon

- Critical Writing

(Essays, Grammar, Vocabulary)

- Creative Writing

(Short Stories, Poems, Scenario)

- Critical Reading

(Literary Analysis, Classic Book Club)

- Olympiad Math

- Math Kangaroo

- Test Prep (Gate, SBAC, SSAT)

- Coding