We are accepting registration for Summer, Fall Online Program for
​1st - 12th grade

Program Details


Small Group, 1:1 for High Achievers

A.C.E, MyAceSchool.com

Tutoring Areas ​

​We have tutored students in Fremont and Tri Valley area since 2002. 
In our online After School program, students will get help on their homework, and extra lessons on Math, English, and Coding, and also 

can unlimited access to our digital learning contents.

The Class size is 1:8. 

Our service is for those students who wish to pursue academic excellence or need help in the areas they wish to improve. Our students will enjoy learning in a small group setting. 
The After School Program runs throughout the school year and we also offer services during Spring Break and Summer Break when local schools are closed.

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925-577-0623, acefremont@gmail.com

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