A.C.E (Academic Center of Excellence)

After School Homework Club for 1st - 8th grade
Summer Kids/Teens' Day Camp

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A.C.E. Objectives

* To help students achieve mastery in their school subjects

* To build the students' self-confidence and self-esteem

* To assist the student to improve concentration and study habits

* To capitalize on each student's innate love of learning to help the student  
   develop to their fullest academic potential


We customize lessons that work for Common Core Standard.

After School Program: Throughout the school year

--- Helping on Homework, Preparation for upcoming tests

Summer Program:9 week, weekly programs are available

---- Half Day, Full Day programs are available

Spring Break Program: One week program

---- Prepare for SBAC Test

G.A.T.E Prep. Program: Runs from Nov. - Feb.

How other people say about our After School Program

​Srihari B.
We know ACE for the last seven years, both my kids went there for after school. They always find best teachers, some of them seems to be students in Berkeley. Specially my kids had Miss Gena, awesome English teacher, of course, others are good too. I know this place is not really very strict with kids, but I like it that way for the kids who had eight hours of school. Best part, Ms Bang always keep some snacks for the hungry kids, after all kids are kids. Overall, I really recommend ACE for after school.

Ardenwood M.
Both my kids have been at ACE for a while now.  We are so happy with the attention and care that our kids receive from the management and each of the teachers.  They genuinely care for the kids and ensure that they have a good balance of hard work and fun at the Center.  In terms of academic preparation, they are doing an excellent job of helping the students actually get ahead of the class.  My son in elementary school strongly resisted going to ACE because he feared that he would hardly get any play time anymore.  But he is now so thankful to be at ACE.  He is having fun and at the same time excelling in academics this year.  His feedback to me on his experience at ACE: "The way the teachers teach us the concepts is just great.  They simplify it so well and it makes so much more sense when they explain the concepts."

Kiran C.
My kids have been attending ACE for a very long time now(5+ years) and we are extremely happy. Kids look forward to going to ACE. All the teachers are loving and caring. We can always talk to them and ask about our child's progress and they are more than willing to help with any concerns. They have a well balanced schedule of study time and play time. We have had no issues in almost 6 years we have known them. They not only help with homework but they also provide additional packets for self enrichment. I would highly recommend ACE to anyone looking for an after school care in this neighborhood.

Rashmi M.
Initially I enrolled only my older son but my daughter insisted on joining him too after one summer camp there. Now both my kids attend the after school care. The teachers are friendly and the focus is on studies during academic year but also have other programs during breaks. The place is very different from a typical franchise. We are considered as family and not as a customer. The owner is fun and caring. Kids get disciplined as well as pampered by her. She will help you evaluate your child's strength and weakness and provide further guidance.